Welcome to CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc. in Carmel, IN.

We’re a mortgage lending and refinancing company in Carmel, Indiana with a team of licensed professionals dedicated to serving you. With our competitive rates, broad product portfolio and commitment to customer service, we provide more than just mortgages — we provide meaningful home financing experiences that last a lifetime.

Anticipate. Educate. Communicate. Mark Kuchik's strategy is simple yet powerful. His staff has been mentored to eliminate the fear and anxiety customers can associate with the mortgage process through communication and attention to detail. Anticipate: They put themselves in your shoes and answer your questions before they become questions. Educate: They take the time to ensure you understand and are fitted with the best financial option for you. Communicate: They are proactive so you will be informed from the beginning to the time you move in.

Mark studied financial planning at Purdue, and upon graduation, began working for a bank in the loan origination department. He loved the work and enjoyed that every client and situation has its own unique story to tell. Having relocated to Indianapolis in 1993, Mark served a couple of local companies before launching out on his own in 1997. He originally built business through personal referrals only, and he continues with the same philosophy today: Creating Raving Fans – one client or one referral partner at a time. Recently joining CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc., Kuchik’s team seeks to counsel clients and match them with the best financing solutions to make a dream home a reality.

WHO WE ARE CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc. is a growing nationwide mortgage lending and refinancing company with numerous branch locations and licensed professionals dedicated to serving you. Our goal is to be recognized as the leading and most reputable mortgage company in the nation.

WHAT WE DO We begin the process by earning our customers' trust. We listen to you. We assess your financial situation and review your loan options to find the best solution. Then we guide you through the process. At CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc., expect more than a mortgage.

HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT We distinguish ourselves from other mortgage brokers and lenders through superior customer service, a full range of mortgage products, and advanced technology. Mortgages are our only business.

HOW WE CAN HELP YOU Our team is ready to help you identify and obtain the right home loan or refinancing solution for your needs. Whatever your situation, we'll be by your side from start to finish, keeping you informed and getting your loan closed quickly.

TALK TO A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL At CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc., you can meet with a licensed loan officer face-to-face in one of our branches or complete the entire process online or by phone. Call now. We will get you pre-qualified or pre-approved and on your way to the home of your dreams.



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